Sarah Mclean

    Sarah Mclean is in France with the British Council. She is linked with St. Margaret's RC Primary School in Stirling.

    Breakfast, Jessie J, and theater!

    I have emailed this to my school, but here is the blog post!

    Coucou Mrs Newby and primary 7! [coucou means hi, and it's friendlier and more informal than bonjour]

    Paris was fab thank you! We were only there for a day as were flying to Italy the next day, so we only went to the Louvre, which is a big art gallery. I'm attaching a picture of it! We did shopping, and went to Mcdonalds! Not very French, but was very yummy.

    I will be going to Euro Disney in February or March though, so will send you lots of pictures of that!

    I didn't dress up for Halloween, but I went for dinner at one of my teacher's houses, and we had enchiladas which were lovely!

    They don't really go guising here, although a few of my pupils had Halloween parties. They dressed up as ghosts and witches, and I told them about duking, I'll need to wait and see if any of them tried it!

    Wow, great costume ideas! What did Jessie J wear? One of my pupils drew a skeleton for his Halloween costume, and when I asked why he said that he thought it was beautiful.

    For Breakfast, French people will often has toast too, with butter and lots of jam, with coffee and orange juice to drink. Breakfast is not such a big thing in France, as they normally rush around in the morning! Croissants are normally a weekend breakfast. I had a typical French breakfast in Paris, a baguette, croissant and orange juice. Again, I'm attaching some pictures of typical French breakfasts.

    Yes, there were big floods in the South of France this summer, lots of water in the streets for people to wade through, again here are some pictures, one is the president going to see the people.

    I best go now, as am teaching soon. I'm doing stereotypes and fast food with my pupils this week. Some of my favourite british stereotypes so far are: we only eat cucumber sandwiches and roast beef, we are very polite all the time, and we have too many kinds of tea!

    Tres bien for the tongue twisters, I shall use them, particualarly like the fuzzy one and the woodchucker!

    I shall speak soon, we have an English theatre group coming in tomorrow to do a play, so I'm excited about that. Mrs Newby, if I was to send a package, am I better just to use the school's address? And what is that exactly?

    A bientot [speak soon]

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