Benefits of language learning

All pupils in secondary schools have an entitlement to language learning throughout the broad general education.
Strong messages relating to language learning and employability can be made. However, future employability is not the sole reason for continuing to learn languages. In an increasingly global world we must look to the kind of international contacts the citizens of tomorrow will have, in their work, their leisure activities, social life, and engagement in continuing education.
Language Learning in Scotland: A 1+2 approach

SCILT have created a PowerPoint with statistics and entitlement information which argue the case for languages in your school. The PowerPoint looks at learner entitlement within CfE; the Scottish Government commitment to language learning; skills for learning, life and work. This will be a useful tool to use with management within your school.

Further key documents to support the case for languages can be found on our website - Key arguments for decision makers.

The team at SCILT have prepared some materials, ideas and suggestions to resource you to encourage uptake in your school. These have been organised by learner stage and information is provided on the type of activity they support.

Quick links to further promotional resources

All stages

Phone bookmark: A little language goes a long, long way... - This SCILT resource shows pupils why learning languages is beneficial in a light-hearted way. A useful tool for rewarding and motivating your pupils. Order through our leaflets page.

P7 - S2

'I love languages - do you?' Fun quiz for young language learners written by university students, with additional links. From Routes into Languages.

Top ten reasons for studying languages (Routes into Languages)

S1 - S6

Job profiles (SCILT resource) - Languages help a range of people every day in their careers and personal lives. Each profile shows how languages help in different areas of employment.

Language Horizons (SCILT resource) The Scottish actor, Atta Yaqub, famous for his role in 'Ae Fond Kiss', tells us why languages mean so much to him and how they have helped him in his acting career.

Take on a Language! (NICILT resource) Animated video on YouTube to encourage pupils to choose languages when making subject choices

700 Reasons to study languages - LLAS compied a list of 700 reasons to study a foreign language under headings such as academic skills, citizenship, diversity and more!

Why study languages - LLAS, in conjunction with Routes into Languages, website designed to excite, educate and encourage young people to continue with their language learning.

SCILT have produced a selection of resources to reinforce to learners, colleagues and parents the benefits of learning a language, and enable practitioners to make the case for languages in their school and community. These resources cover language learning at different stages of education and can be downloaded as PDF or ordered as hard copies to use at promotional events or parents' evenings. Of particular value to secondary practitioners will be our leaflets on the 1+2 approach, literacy and language learning and on entitlement.

Visit SCILT's Parentzone for further ideas and support.

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