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Resources for teachers to use in the classroom. For learners studying languages in the Senior Phase.

Classroom resources

Learning for Sustainability - toolkit for schools

Learning for Sustainability is an entitlement for all learners within Curriculum for Excellence, and as languages teachers we are uniquely positioned to incorporate Learning for Sustainability into our learning and teaching. This toolkit brings together a wide range of reading and resources aimed at supporting teachers who wish to incorporate Learning for Sustainability and Global Citizenship into their languages curriculum.

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ebooks - The Happy Emperor and other stories

Produced by CISS, these ebooks support Chinese language learning at all levels. 

National 4 and 5 listening practice

Education Scotland has published ​this resource which includes 10 recordings of French teenagers describing events in their everyday lives. Topics covered are typical of those in the N4/N5 syllabus.


The Professional Development Officers at SCILT recommend the following French reading materials for use with the new Higher. The French resources tie in with the context of Society: Family and friends - gang culture.

Advanced Higher

SCILT's Professional Development Officers have developed a pack of resources on Silence de la Mer which are suitable for Advanced Higher French pupils who have limited teaching input.

The pack includes information on the Specialist Study Unit; suggested timescales; character analysis; themes; suggested portfolio titles and a glossary of vocabulary.

French films for schools

Every year, in October and November, the latest French films are shown at film festivals across Scotland, and teachers are invited to bring their pupils to these showings. The films are shown at the Discovery Film Festival in Dundee, during the National Schools Film Week, and at the French Film Festival in Scotland.

Teachers can also borrow DVDs from the library of the Institut Français in Edinburgh or from the Alliance Française in Glasgow.

Remembering Empire: Learners of Advanced Higher French

Remembering Empire is an interdisciplinary learning programme developed by academics at the University of Stirling. It brings together French language, history, culture and global citizenship to engage pupils of different ages through clear classroom materials.

Remembering Empire

The resources below are marked as follows; (F) suitable for Gaelic Medium, (L) suitable for Gaelic (Learners) and (F/L) suitable for both Gaelic Medium and Learners.

Fileanta (F) - A range of resources covering all skills and contexts for the BGE and Senior Phase. 

Ceumannnan (L) - A S1-S6 course for Learners developed by Stòrlann. 

Learn Gaelic (L) – A one stop shop for many Gaelic resources as well as finding out about community classes.

Am Faclair Beag (F/L) – An independent website run by donation which incorporates Dwelly’s Dictionary into a modern dictionary for a comprehensive online dictionary resource.  

BBC Alba (F/L)  - Radio and TV programmes as well as  multitiude of multimedia resources.  

BBC Naidheachdan (F/L) – updated news from BBC An Là and BBC Radio nan Gàidheal which can enrich classroom language.

BBC An Litir Bheag (F/L) – A weekly letter which explores aspects of Gaelic Grammar and new vocabulary, may be of assistance to Senior Phase learners or to Gaelic Medium pupils also.  

Bitesize – Nàiseanta 4 (F) – Revision guides and tests for Gàidhlig N4 

Bitesize – Nàiseanta 5 (F) – Revision guides and tests for Gàidhlig N5

Bitesize – Àrd-ìre (F) – Revision guides and tests for Gàidhlig Higher

Bitesize – National 4 Gaelic Learners (L) – Revision guides and tests 

Bitesize – National 5 Gaelic Learners (L) – Revision guides and tests 

Bitesize – Higher Gaelic Learners (L) – Revision guides and tests 

Dàna (F) – Online Gaelic magazine with a range of texts which may be of use to pupils on the senior phase 


The Professional Development Officers at SCILT have developed German reading materials for use with the new Higher. The German resources tie in with the context of Culture: Other countries - Stereotypes.

German texts

We have sourced a selection of texts in French, German, Spanish and Italian which you may find helpful.

These texts can be used for a variety of purposes. You may want to use texts based on a common theme to help deliver the Added Value Unit at National 4. They could also be used in conjunction with Bloom’s Taxonomy to help pupils develop Higher Order Thinking Skills.

Der Elkönig

Looking for a way to incorporate the literature of another country into the new Higher syllabus and develop literacy skills among your learners? Here is an approach taken by one teacher which links Erlkönig with Rammstein and develops learners literacy skills at the same time.

These reading and writing materials materials have been developed by the Modern Languages Department at Greenwood Academy and are suitable for S5/6 pupils. They tie in with the suggested topics for new Higher under the theme of 'Culture: Literature of another country – analysis and evaluation'. They could also be used in conjunction with the English department.

Po polsku po Polsce

If you are looking to learn some Polish, this self-directed e-learning course might be for you. Jointly supported by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Jaggiellonian University in Krakow, this interactive course supports learners to reach a level of A1 in Polish language. For each lesson, there is a cultural element that links to the language lesson. The language lessons are in Polish with sound files to support and there is a Language Bank, also in Polish, to help.

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The Professional Development Officers at SCILT have developed these Spanish materials for use with the new Higher.


Tecla is an online publication for teachers and students of Spanish. It is published monthly by the Consejería de Educación in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

Each publication includes three texts for CEFR Levels A (2nd-4th Level), B (Higher) and C (Advanced Higher) besides reading comprehension tasks and their solutions. It is also accompanied by recordings of the written texts.

To access issues of 'Tecla', please visit the Consejería de Educación website.


The following resources relate to festivals and celebrations in Spain:

We have collated a series of resources to help support newly-arrived children from Ukraine in Scotland.

Materials to support independent learning at home, listed through the link are materials for different ages/stages and different languages. Scroll to the end of the page for resources suitable for Senior Phase learners.

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The National Modern Languages Hub on Glow is a virtual learning environment for all practitioners involved in the delivery of languages across all sectors.

It provides:

  • An easy to use environment where you can share and work with colleagues from across Scotland as well as those from your school or local authority
  • Up to date information on policy and practice from first level to the senior phase
  • Career long professional learning opportunities
  • Access to support materials for all aspects of language learning including support for national qualifications

Please note: a Glow login is required to access the Hub.

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