Senior Phase

Opportunities to celebrate languages in the Senior Phase.

Celebrating languages

"The project has definitely boosted uptake in the Senior Phase as it has been a perfect opportunity for our pupils to see, first hand, what it is like to use their language skills in the world of work, as well as the importance of studying languages and the amazing opportunities it will bring them in the future."

- Teacher of a class taking part in Language Linking Global Thinking

SCILT opportunities

The Jacqueline Munro-Lafon Essay Prize

The competition provides a fantastic opportunity for AH French candidates to showcase their French writing skills in a national competition. The Jacqueline Munro-Lafon French Essay Prize mirrors elements of the writing marking guidelines for AH French and offers pupils an opportunity to compete for a first-place prize of £500 and recognition on a national stage.

Mother Tongue Other Tongue

This exciting multilingual poetry project celebrates linguistic and cultural diversity through creative writing, and showcases the many languages which are spoken and learned by young people in school and at home. Pupils from P1-S6 can participate, as well as bilinguals and those studying languages beyond school. 

Words for the World

Run for the first time in session 2021-22, this competition invites learners in Scotland to use their words to show how the world can be a better place. Competitors could write about climate change, helping the environment, how we treat one another, equality – whichever area they are most concerned about or would most like to see change. Entries can be in any language (or languages) other than English, in any written format, for example a poem, an essay, a song, a cartoon.

Language Linking Global Thinking

Students on their year abroad are linked with a primary or secondary school keep in regular contact with their partner school during their time abroad using blog posts, emails, postcards and other resources. The two-way correspondence between student and class brings the language and culture of the student's host country alive for pupils.


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