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SCILT is the national centre for languages, supporting a wealth of language learning and diversity across Scotland’s communities. As a nation, we are developing the language skills that equip us for life in a globally interdependent world, thus contributing to a fairer, smarter, more successful Scotland. We achieve this by promoting and supporting high-quality language learning and fostering a climate that celebrates all languages.

SCILT receives a grant from the Scottish Government to fund its core activities.

SCILT has three core priorities:

  1. to support high quality language learning and teaching in line with national priorities
  2. to highlight and demonstrate the benefits of multilingualism and intercultural competencies so that languages are widely recognised as a key skill for life and work
  3. to generate language-related research, share information and facilitate knowledge exchange in Scotland and beyond.

Read SCILT-CISS Annual Report for 2017-18 to find out more about our work over the period of our last funding cycle.

Activities we aim to undertake over the next funding cycle are published in the SCILT-CISS Strategic Plan 2018-19.

Read An external review: Scotland's National Centre for Languages (SCILT), published August 2018.

Supporting teachers

High quality professional learning opportunities support the teaching and learning of languages across all sectors and all parts of the country and are delivered in partnership with local authorities and teacher education institutions.

An ongoing series of regional events is raising awareness of the 1+2 Approach to Language Learning and showcasing good practice.

The 1+2 Languages Leadership Programme equips local authorities in designing, promoting and supporting high quality professional learning for teachers.

Dedicated webpages on the SCILT website support the implementation of the 1+2 Approach to Language Learning and a termly newsletter provides local authorities with updates, information and shared good practice.

Promoting language learning

Information leaflets and promotional materials are distributed through primary and secondary schools and supported by a dedicated area on the SCILT website.

Events facilitated by SCILT at secondary and primary schools promote languages to pupils and provide information for parents.

A series of motivational business events feature dynamic speakers and engaging workshops and encourage young people to consider the value of languages in the workplace.

Annual competitions and events, including our Mother Tongue Other Tongue poetry competition and Linguachef ccooking competition, give schools the opportunity to celebrate success in language learning.

Working in partnership

Business Language Champions helps schools and businesses to build partnerships through languages to equip young people with international communication and employability skills.

Language Linking Global Thinking links schools with students on their year abroad to raise international awareness and promote languages amongst learners.

Sharing key research and information

The weekly news bulletin and enquiries service share key information, news, statistics and research relating to language teaching, learning and trends.

An annual statistical analysis of national qualifications provides a useful quantitative understanding of trends.

The SCILT newsletter celebrates successes in language teaching and learning from across Scotland.

Scottish Languages Review is our electronic journal for language practitioners in Scotland and is published twice each year.

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