Senior Phase

Benefits of language learning in the senior phase.

Promoting uptake

"In considering options for certificate work, pupils should have the necessary information to help them recognise the value of language skills for their future development and life chances."

- Language Learning in Scotland: A 1+2 approach


Developing the Young Workforce

Promotional films

Our series of short films demonstrate the value of languages in a variety of sectors: sport, the creative industries, hospitality and tourism, engineering, business and health. Contributors include Judy Murray and Jim Fleeting from the Scottish Football Association. 


To complement this resource, our Toolkit will support schools in organising their own business and language promotional events and projects:

  • careers fairs
  • promotional talks
  • partnerships between schools and local businesses

Job profiles

Our Job Profiles provide relevant, labour-market focused career advice on languages, direct from the workplace. Enhance learning about the world of work and promote the relevance of language skills.

Case Studies

Examples of good practice in schools where language uptake is strong in the senior phase.

Case Studies


St Thomas Aquinas Secondary

SCILT visited St Thomas Aquinas and discussed the school's strong language uptake from the broad general education into the senior phase.


James Young High

Positive language experiences in BGE, from primary through to secondary, encourages and motivates learners to continue with languages into the senior phase.


Douglas Academy

Young people are encouraged to continue with one or more languages into the senior phase. The department can offer a range of qualifications and awards in French, Spanish, Italian and Mandarin. 


Education Scotland L3 Case Studies

Education Scotland have grouped together a number of case studies, identifying the features common to departments where languages continue to flourish beyond the BGE.

Beyond School

The Beyond School section of our website includes advice and information for learners on: 

  • The benefits of language learning for life and work
  • Undergraduate, beginner and refresher language courses at Scottish universities and colleges; options for combining languages with other degree subjects
  • The gap year – opportunities to study, work or volunteer abroad 
  • The student voice – blogs, advice, hints and tips from those who’ve been there 

Engaging parents

Our leaflets support teachers and schools in engaging with parents to reinforce the benefits of learning a language. 

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We have shared the format of our Business Brunches so that schools can organise their own event

Run your own business event
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