Laura Burns

Laura is in France on her year abroad from University of Stirling. She is linked with Doune Primary School in Stirling.

Ma Première Semaine

Bonjour tout les monde!

It was lovely meeting you last month to hear about what you would like to do with this blog and school link.

On Thursday the 28th of September I began my new adventure. I flew with my parents to Brussels Charleroi because it is my closest international airport. This meant that my first night moving to France, I was actually in Belgium. France borders so many other European countries, perhaps you could try and find them all?

The next day I arrived in the town of Bethune, where I will be living for the next 7 months. There is around 25,000 people living here. Many of them commute from here to their work in the biggest city in the region, Lille. In Bethune there is a beautiful town square and I think I am less than a minutes walk away from  une boulangerie from my flat! This year I will be living with 10 other people, most of whom are French students. For now, I'm not really understanding a lot of what they are saying because they speak so quickly. However, they are all lovely to me and patient when I say "je ne comprends pas". I am also living with another English speaker who is from Houston Texas in the US.

Yesterday I visited the school in the village of Labeuvriere. There is only around 1,700 people who live there and the school is quite small. In the next blog post I will talk more about my experiences observing the different classes and how it has been teaching in my little English classroom! The main thing I noticed is that there is no "l'uniforme scolaire". How would you feel about this? Are there reasons for and against having one?

Please let me know if there are any questions that you would like for me to answer, any French phrases you would like to learn, or places I should try and visit!

A bientôt


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