Book Week Scotland

Book Week Scotland

Book Week Scotland is an annual celebration of books and reading that takes place across the country during November. The Scottish Book Trust runs a programme of events and initiatives enabling everyone to get involved.

With the Scottish International Storytelling Festival also taking place during autumn as well as World Nursery Rhyme Week in November there's lots to celebrate in terms of language and cultural diversity in the classroom.

For our part, we like to encourage language learners to celebrate these events by reading stories and singing songs from across the globe. Here we provide some suggested links and resources to help achieve this in the classroom.

We created a simple short story in French for primary learners 'Le petit ballon violet'. Here are a few suggestions as to how this could be used with your class:

  • What happens next? Have pupils create a new adventure for the balloon
  • Perhaps the balloon could be found/given/carried by different people (family members, professions)
  • Or found in different places around the house/garden encouraging the use of different prepositions (under, in, beside)
  • Use to practise colours or transport vocabulary

This collection of e-books aims to support Chinese language learning at all levels.

Visit Website


The site contains a collection of stories and songs in Gaelic for primary aged children.

Scots Language Centre

Elizabeth Cordiner has created a package of Scots material which is linked into Curriculum for Excellence areas Health and Well being and Scots Language, along with Teachers’ Notes. These are available on the Scots Language Centre website.

Titles include:

  • The Ewen stories
  • The Meggie stories
  • The Mingins
  • Ups an Doons


The site contains story resources in Gaelic and Scots.


A vast collection of ebooks for children covering a range of subjects, some with audio narrative. Available in English, French, Spanish, Arabic and Chinese.

Children's Books Forever!

Free children's books that have become classics and favourites around the world. Can be used on Smartboards.

Global Storybooks

A free multilingual literacy resource for children and youth worldwide.

International Children's Digital Library

An online resource containing books in a range of world languages.

Little Red Languages

This site provides a collection of stories, songs and poems for language learning in French, German and Spanish.

Mama Lisa's World

A wide collection of songs, rhymes and traditions across the globe.


A digital repository of stories for children to enjoy in a wide range of languages.

The Fable Cottage

Bilingual stories for language learners.

World Stories

A collection of stories from around the world to listen to or read in a range of languages.

World of Tales

Folk stories and fairy tales for children from all cultures around the world (stories written in English). 

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