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Article Details

Sluttrapport - to år med fremmedspråk1 (Final report - two years of foreign language in the upper primary)

Author: Directorate of Education in Norway
Date of Publication: 2013

The final report evaluating a pilot project intorducing foreign language teaching in the upper primary level in Norwegian schools. This pilot was a project organized by the Directorate of Education in Norway which lasted for two years, from fall 2010 to spring 2012.

Schools the pilot project had the opportunity to offer teaching within the framework of two different models:

  1. the progression model or
  2. the introduction model.

The goal of the progression model was for pupils to develop good language skills in one foreign
language. The introduction model aimed to ensure pupils became familiar with several languages and got a taste of different languages, which would help pupils with language selection in the 8th grade (first year of lower secondary school).

The report can be downloaded through the link below, and the English summary is on pages 17 - 21.

SCILT have extracted the key messages from this pilot, and these can be downloaded as a PDF below.


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