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Article Details

Languages for the future

Author: British Council
Publisher: British Council
Date of Publication: 2017

Key messages on language skills:

  • Language competence is far more than just another tool in the box; it is a prerequisite and a facilitator for the development of a wide spectrum of other skills and attributes.
  • Without language skills, the UK loses out through the restricted ability to communicate internationally.
  • Without language skills, the UK loses out through the closing down of opportunities for overseas work experience, a lack of international business sense, a failure to appreciate that other cultures have different ways of doing things and a potential tendency to overestimate the global importance of British culture.
  • Other languages are needed not only for success in the global economy but to build trust, deepen international influence and cultural relationships, and to keep our country safe.
  • The capacity of our country’s population to engage internationally will be central to strengthening successful economic, political, cultural and people-to-people relationships in Europe and globally in years to come.


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