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Website of the month (secondary) - February 2014

The Film Space recognises the key role that teachers play in introducing children and young people to a wide variety of moving images both as an art form in itself and also as a way of exploring other curriculum areas. The Film Space is headed up by former Film Education staff.

The Film Space seeks to encourage and build an understanding and appreciation of the moving image, in all its forms, amongst children and young people in full-time education.

The Modern Languages section of the website has teaching resources for the following feature films:

Volver, Pan’s Labyrinth, Broken Embraces- Spanish
Hero - Chinese
Goodbye Lenin! Downfall, The Edukators, The Lives of Others - German
Amélie, La Haine, Être et Avoir, Le Colonel Chabert, The Class, À bout de souffle - French
Blanco e Nero – Italian
Let the Right one in – Swedish


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