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Article Details

1 + 2 approach to language learning 'PanTayside'

Author: Pan Tayside 1+2 team
Date of Publication: January 2016

At the halfway mark of the implementation period, this video showcases the 'PanTayside' approach to implementing the 1+2 Approach to language learning. Dundee City Council, Angus Council and Perth and Kinross Council are working together and sharing expertise in order to create the sustainable delivery of language learning across the three authorities.

The video looks at how the 1+2 Approach is being implemented in primary, secondary and nursery. It features employers who value languages in the Pan Tayside area and some of the other partners who have been involved in delivering language learning in the schools. There is a discussion of the benefits of language skills as well as an opportunity to see the impact on the learning across sectors.


Posted in: 1+2 - Policy
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