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Toryglen Primary

School: Toryglen Primary
Project: Big Bear Bakery menu translation
Level: Silver
Date: June 2023

Toryglen Primary School worked with Big Bear Bakery for their first SLEA submission in May 2022. This strong partnership was further developed in the project here. The same reasons for wanting to work with the bakery remained, being a local small business with many bilingual employees, giving great role-models to encourage the continual engagement with language learning. 

Learners begin the project by learning about the importance of foreign languages for employability. Following on from this they wrote letters to BBB detailing their interest in how BBB valued languages in the workplace. The learners asked if BBB could create a short presentation and provide some working examples of foreign languages in the workplace. This year, learners also made short videos on an iPad as this was more accessible to some as a way of communicating with the bakery. 

BBB responded with a video to encourage the students to consider the importance of foreign languages as subject choice on their future career options and job prospects. BBB also provided some practical French phrases used in a bakery setting.

As a direct result of BBB’s input, the students immediately became engaged with developing their French language skills again. Every student learned several different bakery items and how to describe the location of the bakery. This allowed the students to relate relevant learning experiences and skills development to the labour market.  Students were very excited for the project this year and students were actively requesting that we work with BBB again. 

Once students had become confident with the new language, they were able to create a video advertisements that BBB could use to promote and grow their business within the French community. In addition, students created menus for drinks, savouries and desserts, translating menu items from English to French, which were kept in the bakery for customers to reference. 

Finally, students were able to put everything they had learned about languages and employability into practice when the school had a French themed café. This year, students from 3 classes were asked to apply for specific roles and provide a reason why they would be good at this. Students took on various roles to develop their understanding of the various responsibilities placed on employees in a real-life context. This simulated an environment where foreign languages are necessary to create a successful business environment. 

Following on from an excellent Bronze Award in 2022, we are delighted to award Toryglen Primary School a SILVER Scottish Languages Employability Award – congratulations! 

This project is an expansion of the fantastic Bronze Award project with Big Bear Bakery, this time making French videos. This expanded project builds on a strong existing partnership and involves more classes within the school. 

Once again, the range of evidence supplied was of an extremely high quality. There is clear demonstration of further positive impact on staff and pupil engagement with languages and of the place of languages in the curriculum. The verification team particularly appreciated the chance to read the teacher feedback surveys and to hear of the legacy of the project in terms of language engagement. 

It is once again an excellent example of effective partnership working, and of the benefits that come from this. The verification team loved the videos too!

This is an excellent example of a Silver Award. Next steps, leading towards a Gold Award, would be to develop other partnerships to complement the existing relationship with the Big Bear Bakery. We look forward to hearing about them!

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