Our leaflets support teachers and schools in engaging with parents to reinforce the benefits of learning a language.


Languages in a nutshell

Explains how the 1+2 Approach will be put into practice and why learning languages is so important. Suggests ways parents can support their child’s language learning.

Produced by SCILT in partnership with The National Parent Forum of Scotland.

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Further leaflets

This leaflet promotes the positive connections between language learning and literacy skills, and demonstrates how learning additional languages can play an important role in helping children and young people develop their literacy skills in their mother tongue. This will be a useful tool for parents nights and will be powerful in advocating the value of language learning to colleagues. Click on image to download as PDF. 

Find out more about the research used to produce this leaflet.

In Scotland, all learners are entitled to opportunities and support so that they can learn languages from P1 until the end of S3 as a minimum. This guide for parents aims to:

  • give you information about your child’s entitlement to language learning
  • answer common questions you might have about language learning
  • provide advice on how you can help your child understand the benefits of language learning

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Find out more about the research used to produce this leaflet.

Read how Corseford School in Renfrewshire are using inclusive pedagogies and technologies such as alternative and augmentative communication systems to support the teaching and learning of Spanish. Corseford School supports children and young people with complex health, education, movement and communication needs. 


Designed by pupils in Scotland. These postcards demonstrate why languages are important and can be used to motivate learners. Click on image to download as PDF.

This postcard is designed to highlight the advantages of continuing language learning to complement future studies, whether at college or university, and to highlight the options available. It will be particularly useful for supporting senior pupils make choices about their paths beyond school. Click on image to download as PDF.

Lots more information on the options available beyond school is available from the Beyond School pages of our website.

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