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UCMLS and 1+2: update

Author: Marion Spöring, UCMLS

The University Council of Modern Languages (UCML) represents the interests of staff working in modern languages, linguistics, cultural and area studies in UK higher education. UCMLS is the Scottish branch of UCML. UCMLS actions in support of 1+2 have the overall aim of helping change attitudes to language learning in Scotland.

Overview of activities September 2016 to March2017

OngoingUniversity-specific initiatives (eg Language Ambassadors, Multilingual Debate, etc). Collaboration with SCILT on promotional initiatives.
Since August 2016
UCMLS chair is now part of two Strategic Implementation Groups in support of 1+2 policy: Education and Wider Engagement.
9 September 2016
National conference in Dundee. Taking stock of where we are with Scotland’s 1+2 Approach and identifying important challenges still to be addressed.
September 2016
Regional meetings in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness and Stirling to update stakeholders across sectors about UCMLS activities and plans.
29 November 2016
Video presentation by Angela Scarino (University of South Australia) on language curriculum frameworks in Australia. In association with Education Scotland.
January 2017
UCMLS sessions can now be booked via SCILT’s professional learning menu.
January - February 2017
Regional meetings in Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Keith to consult on key actions that UCMLS could take forward in the short-term (2017-18), medium-term (2018-20) and long-term (beyond 2020).
10 March 2017
National launch event for UCMLS Action Plan proposals in support of Scotland’s 1+2 Approach, Glasgow City Chambers. Discussion with stakeholders across sectors to finalise UCMLS actions in support of 1+2.
11 March 2017
As part of the Language Show Live Scotland, UCMLS participated in the Language Symposium and provided an update on the launch event in a dedicated workshop.
31 March 2017
Publication of agreed action plan on SCILT website and UCML Facebook group. The Action Plan will be reviewed at yearly intervals.

Check on UCML (Scotland) updates on the SCILT website.

Check on UCML (UK) updates on the UCML Facebook page.

Contact Marion Spöring, Senior Lecturer at University of Dundee and Chair of UCMLS.

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