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North Ayrshire update

Author: Angela Noble, North Ayrshire

This year has seen an acceleration of teachers and pupils embracing languages as their confidence begins to gather pace. Staff are keen to learn more and are enrolling on the following training sessions:

  • fast track French and Spanish: 14-week course covering Y1-7 in our 1+2 Framework 
  • French/Spanish part two: six-week course covering Y3-5 of the Framework 
  • crash course: three-week course covering Y1-3 of the Framework 
  • one-off pronunciation workshops and in-house training to suit specific needs 
  • SCILT workshops: Next Steps and Transition 
  • film-making for curricular attainment 
  • Erasmus+ application for 51 teachers: a combination of immersion courses and job-shadowing abroad

Our innovative 1+2 team of seconded teachers, from both primary and secondary, has created some tailor-made packs to captivate our pupils and teachers. A huge thanks to Jude McKerrecher from SCILT for inspiring us to do outdoor learning with French and Spanish! So far two schools have applied for a John Muir Discovery Level Award and one for a Family Award.

Further resources include IDL topics based on Handa’s Surprise, Minecraft and Outdoor Learning as well as a transition topic based on Pokémon Go!

P3-7s are rolling out Y1-3 in our Framework, and some schools are moving forward with introducing L3 and using P6 pupils to teach the language to everyone, partnering up with other schools.

Languages are beginning to spill out into the community through inter-generational learning, parents’ open days, Spanish breakfast clubs and projects such as creating language books for local libraries.

For more information on what’s been happening in North Ayrshire, download What’s new in 1+2: North Ayrshire languages newsletter March 2017.

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