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Aberdeen primary schools promote and celebrate L2 French

Author: Marie-Claire Lyon, Aberdeen City

Cornhill School: A Tour de France IDL project

Cornhill School launched an IDL project over the month of May to engage the whole school and community in the implementation of the 1+2 Approach.

Every class teacher from P1 to P7 got involved. The cross curricular themes included art and design with fashion and film making, geography, history, sport and food. Each week, classes worked on a new theme with a weekly assembly to celebrate and reinforce the content. French language teaching was on-going and relevant to the areas studied. Displays were built in classrooms and parents were invited on Thursday 25 May to come and share the pupils’ learning and engage in activities.

The event has been very well received by pupils and parents alike and has been an opportunity to celebrate languages and cultures as well as to promote the place of L2 in the curriculum.


Language week and class challenges at Seaton School

Seaton School organised a week of activities and challenges to promote L2 French and L3 German.

The 1+2 school co-ordinator liaised with colleagues to develop IDL activities during the week. The pupils got the opportunity to learn new rhymes and songs and teach peers, play traditional French games, taste French food in their café, carry out mental maths in French, listen to stories with older pupils and create their own books. These activities provided pupils with the opportunity to research facts about other countries and create artistic displays.

The schools held a celebration assembly and parents were invited for a social snack in the café.

Teachers have a 1+2 display board in the staffroom to advertise CLPL opportunities and news. It includes language challenges for staff with a winner every week!


St Joseph’s School celebrates L2 French with parents

Following a week of activities to promote L2 French language, parents joined the pupils and staff at an assembly. P1 to P3 sang and performed rhymes using the vocabulary they had learned in lessons. The pupils had designed costumes for the occasion.

Then pupils, teachers and parents took part in a dance with instruction in French before enjoying a French snack in the dining hall.

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