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Article Details

Primartag und Deutsch mit Socke

Author: Sabine Schlüter, Goethe-Institut

Primary school day with Chryston High cluster

On 31 May 2017, the Goethe-Institut in Glasgow invited 31 pupils and four teachers from Glenmanor, Gartcosh, Stepps, Chryston and Auchinloch Primaries to a day full of fun. The students were P4 – P7. Some had just started learning German and others had already been learning German for a couple of years. The aim of the day was to engage pupils actively in playful language games and show them that learning German can be enjoyable. To do so, the students went on a treasure hunt in the Goethe-Institut, participated in a quiz about German fairy tales and went outside to test their goal-scoring skills.

Deutsch mit Socke

Goethe-Institut has discovered a new and interesting programme for teachers of primary German! The German TV channels SWR and WDR launched a new production aimed at primary school children, ‘Deutsch mit Socke’, which offers young learners a simple and fun-packed approach to learning German. Together, Esther and her stubborn but amiable friend Socke go on adventures and talk about different topics like introducing oneself, shopping, colours or emotions. So far, 26 episodes can be found online.

We especially recommend the units Socke ist traurig, Zähne putzen and 19: Ein Pausenbrot für Socke.

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