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Learning to teach languages in primary school

Author: Sylvia Warnecke, Open University

The Open University and SCILT are delighted to announce that enrolment for their jointly delivered course ‘Learning to teach languages in primary school’ will be open until the end of June 2018. The course is available to teachers in all local authorities and will be offered for the following languages: French (LXT192), German (LXT193), Spanish (LXT194) and Mandarin (LXT197).

The fee for the course starting in October 2018 is £240.00 per student.

The course will be available to all primary practitioners but also secondary teachers who teach at primary level. We have produced a short video with teachers speaking about their experiences studying this, and an FAQ document with further detail about the course for information.

In order to make the enrolment process as smooth as possible, we advise that in the first instance Development Officers or Head Teachers contact Sylvia Warnecke at the Open University with a list of the names and email addresses of teachers planning to study this in their local authority/school. As we aim to complete enrolment by 30 June 2018 to allow time for planning staffing and timetabling, please submit all information by that point or contact Sylvia expressing interest.

We are planning to offer teachers who enrol on the course a summer school experience, which will allow further immersion in the language to boost confidence and provide ample opportunities to learn more about the cultures in which the language they are studying is spoken. The summer school is not part of the course, it is optional and can be booked separately. More information on this will be published in due course.

This very fruitful OU and SCILT collaboration has been recognised by the nomination of the course for the Herald Higher Education Awards 2018 in the partnership category.

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