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Whitburn cluster 1+2 transition event

Author: Kate Findlater, West Lothian

Lead Linguists from Whitburn Academy planned and devised a project for all P7s within West Lothian’s Whitburn cluster. Each school was given a different Francophonie country to research. Flags, characters, maps, fact files and more were created by the children and work was displayed for all to see! From this initial research activity, the Lead Linguists team developed a transition event, which took place at Whitburn Academy.

The P7s were encouraged to ask and answer questions as part of a ‘Find someone who…’ activity. After the initial icebreaker, teams were established and encouraged to look at all the different stands – from the French Polynesian Islands to Gabon, Senegal and more! They were given a quiz that allowed the children to utilise their reading for information skills. There was a great buzz about all the beautiful work that had been created and it was a fantastic opportunity for the P7s to meet their peers from other schools. After the quiz, third year pupils from Whitburn Academy did a presentation that outlined the value of learning languages. The event was rounded off with a video clip showing celebrities who speak a variety of languages such as Rita Ora and Hugh Jackman. Hopefully the day inspired young people to continue their language learning and become Lead Linguists of the future!

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