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Article Details

Creating a new normal: Language education for all

Author: Aleidine J Moeller and Martha G Abbott
Date of Publication: July 2018
Series Title: Scottish Languages Review Issue 34
Notes: DOI: 10.6084/m9.figshare.6881798

How close are we to the reality of all students having the opportunity to learn another language and gaining support for these efforts from the general public? The answer has a long history, which we point out by referencing articles that span the 50-year history of Foreign Language Annals. From the 1979 President’s Commission on Foreign Language and International Studies report under President Jimmy Carter to the recent article by Kroll and Dussias (2017) on the benefits of multilingualism, this article tracks ACTFL’s advocacy efforts over the years.  Most recently, the 2017 launch of the Lead with Languages public awareness campaign and other initiatives such as the Seal of Biliteracy that are rapidly propelling our field closer to a “new normal” in the United States where language education is accessible to all and is viewed as essential to the well-being of all Americans. 

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This article originally appeared in the 50th anniversary edition of Foreign Language Annals.  It has been annotated for a UK readership.  We are grateful to the authors, Aleidine Moeller and Marty Abbott, to the editor of Foreign Language Annals, Anne Nerenz, and to the publishers, Wiley, for giving us permission to do so.  For the original version of this article please refer to and use the following citation:

Moeller AJ, Abbott MG. Creating a new normal: Language education for all. Foreign Language Annals. 2018; 51:12–23.

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