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North Lanarkshire update

Author: Sandra Beattie, North Lanarkshire Council

In North Lanarkshire, we have been supporting the implementation of 1+2 by delivering enhanced digital training sessions to share our new planners from P1 - P7 and to show staff how to access the variety of resources we have put on Glow. We have also highlighted the use of Kahoot, Quizizz and Quizlet as a fun way to assess pupils in the primary school.

North Lanarkshire has been running 10- and 18-week-long training courses in French, Spanish, German and Italian. Our secondary language teachers have been training primary teachers and providing them with knowledge and understanding of appropriate vocabulary, building up their confidence in delivering 1+2 effectively in their classes.

Our Education Support Officers have been training P5 and P6 pupils in schools to be Ambassadors in Languages. After their training, the pupils go round each class in the school on a daily basis for 10 to 15 minutes to teach new vocabulary. This has been very successful, allowing pupils to take responsibility for their own learning and making them confident individuals.

We are also running immersion workshops to support Higher pupils in Spanish, French and German.

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