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College Development Network helps launch SCILT’s business and language toolkit

Author: Meryl James and Janette Kelso, SCILT

New resource will help schools and colleges run local events to highlight the business value of languages through direct engagement with employers

On 16 November 2018 at the first national Language Linking Business Thinking conference in Edinburgh, the College Development Network and SCILT announced the immediate availability of the business and language toolkit. The toolkit will enable careers advisers and Developing the Young Workforce representatives in schools, colleges, and universities to organise locally-based events that highlight the relevance of language skills in many professions to learners of all ages.

“This is a fantastic resource and will be in much demand,” said Meryl James, Senior Development Officer at SCILT.

Positive impact

A number of schools and languages departments have already used the toolkit to organise highly successful business and language events for pupils nearing the end of their broad general education. Subsequently, an increased number of students have opted to continue with their language study into the following year. The toolkit, including videos of employers arguing the case for languages, will enable staff in schools, colleges and universities to create events where business representatives can demonstrate first-hand to young learners why it will be important to keep going with languages, regardless of their intended career aspiration.

“This was a truly inspiring event,” said Suzanne Marshall, Curriculum and Teaching Lead at College Development Network. “We heard from key employers in the service and STEM industries about the value of languages in these sectors. Staff now have lots of ideas to help them put languages on the local map.”

Toolkit now available

The toolkit has been produced in response to demand from staff in schools and colleges and is now available on the SCILT website.

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