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News from the Radio Lingua Network

Author: Ann McDaid, Radio Lingua Network

Here at the Radio Lingua Network we love to help everyone learn languages. We have had an extremely busy year and have attended a number of school events this session including the SCILT Glasgow Business Brunch. We continue to support the teaching of languages in Scotland from both the learner’s and the teacher’s perspective.

For pupils

Our High Five French and Spanish courses are widely used across many primary schools, and can help deliver L2 and L3.

These resources are aimed at younger learners. In the French series, we meet Scottish learner, Emma, who is joined by French speaker, Mathilde. In High Five Spanish, Scottish learner, Sophie, is joined by Spanish speakers, Miguel and Marina. As the lessons progress, learners can improve their pronunciation, pick up a range of vocabulary and experience authentic French or Spanish contexts. The materials include a range of printable material and teachers’ notes. These have been developed in such a way that a teacher who is not confident in French or Spanish would still be able to use the content confidently and effectively.

We have produced a short webinar on our website to demonstrate how High Five French and Spanish can assist primary teachers in the delivery of the 1+2 Approach.

In addition we have released a free sample episode of each language on our YouTube channel. The French episode is on the topic of town and the Spanish one is about eating in a restaurant.

For teachers

For teachers who want to improve or refresh their own knowledge of a language, we have four seasons of free podcasts in both French and Spanish which cater for beginner through to advanced level. The free podcasts are all on iTunes or the podcast app you choose to use on your phone, tablet or PC.

Further, for German and Italian we have two seasons of Coffee Break Languages which can take you from absolute beginner, and have just launched our new French magazine with a focus on a different cultural element for a more advanced level of learner. All of these lessons can be listened to in your own time and can go towards your professional development time for the academic session.

Social media

Our social media platforms share language learning tips and ideas, and are suitable for teachers and pupils.

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