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Sharz Din

Notes: Creative Director, Vidal Sassoon

Sharz Din

photo of Sharz Din

I am Sharz Din, Senior Creative Director of Vidal Sassoon in Glasgow. My role involves training and upholding the Sassoon standards. I also represent the company globally at events, shows and commercials.

As well as English, have you learned, or do you speak, any other languages? 

I have not learned any other languages with the commitment they deserve, although I have picked up the basics of some of the languages of the countries where I work. Most of my work outside the salon is abroad and because my colleagues and I do not have the necessary language skills we need, all our contracts have to include translators and interpreters.

Do you have any memorable experiences of trying to communicate with a speaker ofclipart of stylist cutting hair another language?

I have had many funny, great - but mostly embarrassing – language faux pas. Once, an interpreter was teaching me how to ask which haircut the hairdresser would like to be taught. She tricked me into asking him what colour his donkey was and how often he rode it!

Do you think it is important to be able to speak other languages?

An ability to speak another language reflects on you professionally. Being multilingual is the future! I have learned my lesson on more than one occasion – it is imperative to learn languages. 

chinese writingWhich languages are important in your field of work?

I often work in the Far East and languages like Chinese or Japanese would be useful here. In addition, I would find knowledge of a European language, possibly Spanish, to be valuable.

Do you have a message to share about the importance and the benefits of language learning?

I reap the benefits of just learning the basics. To be able to speak fluently with confidence would no doubt open up bigger opportunities within my field of work.

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