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Article Details

Research supporting the implementation of the 1+2 approach

Author: Hannah Doughty, SCILT

Are you aware that in addition to our termly newsletter we also publish peer-reviewed articles in our online journal, the Scottish Languages Review? There are a number of articles of direct relevance to the implementation of 1+2 in our last two issues:

Issue 29 - Spring/Summer 2015

In this edition we have a smorgasbord of articles for you. With the implementation of the 1+2 approach to languages in mind, Argyro Kanaki has completed a very useful and comprehensive literature review of relevant research related to language learning in the primary school. The next two articles take a step back in time from different perspectives: James Scott’s look at Scotland’s language statistics in secondary schools from 1996-2014 provides a springboard for an in-depth examination of unintended policy consequences on language provision. By contrast, the analysis by Lynne Jones and Hannah Doughty of interviews conducted with learners from primary through to tertiary education offer a qualitative glimpse backward into the experience of language education in Scotland over the last ten-fifteen years. Finally, the last two contributions provide a very relevant look at language policy issues in other Anglophone contexts. Diane Johnson gives a well-informed insight into the issues surrounding the teaching of European languages in New Zealand whilst Adrienne Horrigan writes knowledgeably about the background to the new language policy in the state of Victoria, Australia, and the challenges of implementing the same.

Issue 28 - Autumn/Winter 2014

We have some stimulating reading for you in this edition! Margaret Kinsman starts us off with an interesting account about the introduction of British Sign Language at Dingwall Academy. With the 1+2 approach high on the political agenda, there are three insightful contributions from three different perspectives: Maryse Payen-Roy reflects on her efforts to provide language training to child development officers in her local authority, Petra McLay provides an account of the implementation process from a Curriculum Leader perspective, whilst Laurence Giraud-Johnstone evaluates the impact of a pilot project aimed at primary BEd students who were encouraged to sign up for an immersion course of French during their first year of study. We hope you enjoy the articles and feel encouraged to submit your own contribution to a future edition!

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