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‘Choose a Classic!’ Latin or Classical Greek as an L3 opportunity

Author: Dr Arlene Holmes-Henderson, University of Oxford

The Iris Project is currently providing volunteers to teach Latin as an L3 in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Fife. These volunteers are undergraduate or postgraduate Classics students who commit to a weekly teaching slot during which they teach literacy through Latin language and Classical mythology. Classes are currently taught across P5-P7.

The University of Glasgow now provides accreditation for undergraduate students who volunteer in this way – their school placements form a module of their degree and they are encouraged to reflect on the impact of their professional practice in the Classics classroom.

What next?

Funding has recently been secured to launch phase two of the research project which will evaluate the effect of teaching and learning Classical languages on student outcomes and teachers’ professional learning and will assess the impact and reach of the project. The data will continue to be analysed and the results will be disseminated through various channels during 2016-2018.

We intend to run additional teacher training workshops and would be delighted to provide these in Scotland in 2016. The workshops are free of charge for teachers and include initial training in Latin and Greek, alongside pedagogical advice and resource sharing. Follow-up funding is available from Classics for All and financial assistance for purchasing classroom resources is also available. More details can be found on the Classics in Communities website.

Please contact Dr Arlene Holmes-Henderson (Classics education specialist) to register your interest, suggest a location for a workshop, or for more details.

An outline of the project can be downloaded below.

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