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Article Details

FLA Projects 2011-2012

Author: Hannah Doughty
Publisher: British Council Scotland
Date of Publication: June 2012
Notes: British Council Scotland and SCILT in partnership

Since November 2010 The British Council Scotland and SCILT, Scotland’s National Centre for Languages, have worked collaboratively to improve the experience of Foreign Language Assistants (FLAs) based in Scotland. The initial focus was on the organisation of the national FLA training day, with additional support from other bodies such as Education Scotland, the cultural organisations and local authorities.

However, despite the evident satisfaction with the support being given by all parties concerned we were faced with dwindling numbers of FLAs. We therefore decided to pull our joint expertise in marketing and promotion in order to raise the profile of FLAs and highlight the value they provide. At the FLA induction meetings in late August and early September 2011 we invited FLAs to consider doing a project. A separate FLA projects booklet provides further details of the successful projects by the FLAs themselves.

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