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Article Details

Edinburgh International City of Learning - Modern Languages Pilot 2012: Evaluative report

Author: Fiona Pate
Publisher: HMIE
Date of Publication: August 2012

The project, driven by Dr Judith McClure in partnership with the University of Edinburgh, was designed to trial language learning in the early stages through the support of an international student of languages working within a pre-school or primary class for one session per week. The aims of the project were:

  • To give children an opportunity to hear another language;
  • To help children develop skills and dispositions which will support future language learning;
  • To create links and contacts between schools and universities which have the potential to have a positive impact on children’s learning and willingness to learn; and
  • To provide a positive learning experience for children.

In addition, it was hoped that the project would allow class teachers to use their pedagogical skills to make best use of the student resource and that resources would be developed and shared.

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