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Article Details

Education Scotland update

Author: Louise Glen, Education Scotland

Progression in primary language learning

Education Scotland’s modern languages team has created a working group consisting of primary and secondary practitioners to create guidance on progression in language learning from first to second level, including a revised progression grid. This support will offer practical steps to generate practitioner confidence on how to ensure progression through advice and exemplification.

This work will complement and complete the suite of materials for teachers that has already been revised in light of the 1+2 approach to language learning:

  • Modern languages principles and practice
  • First level experiences and outcomes
  • Assessing progress and achievement in modern languages

New resources to support L2 and L3 as part of the 1+2 approach

Education Scotland will shortly publish two sets of support materials for L2 or L3 language learning experiences, which have been developed in partnership with the University of Glasgow. These will be available to all teachers and pupils via Glow. Set 1 is a second level learning journey in French through the study of ‘Astérix chez les Pictes’ and Set 2 is a learning journey for an L3 experience in Polish through the study of an animated film on the life of the famous Polish scientist Copernicus. Each pack will include full teacher support notes and learner activity packs as well as sound files, with full access to the film and texts. This has been made possible with the cooperation and generosity of the French and Polish publishing houses.

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