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Update from Scottish Government to EEAC

Author: Susan Waugh, Scottish Government

Scottish Government provided an update to the European and External Affairs Committee (EEAC) at their meeting on 25 February 2016. The update will be of interest to readers of the 1+2 newsletter as it gives a good overview of what has been achieved to date in the implementation of the 1+2 approach to language learning.

Highlights include:

  • Two thirds of all local authorities (21 out of 32) will provide learning in a first additional language (L2) for P1 pupils by the end of June 2016. 
  • Local authorities indicated that they are on track for implementation of L2 from P1-P7.
  • Plans for implementation of the second additional language (L3) are at varying stages across the country, with almost all local authorities confident that they will deliver this within the timeframe.
  • There is a diverse picture of current provision of languages across Scotland within the broad general education in secondary schools.
  • The results of the Scottish Social Attitudes Survey 2015 show that most people in Scotland (89%) think that learning a language, other than English, in school from the age of five is important.

The report to the committee is contained within the EEAC Agenda for the meeting on 25 February 2016. Please see Annexe B (page19/47).

Language interest grows (Scottish Government press release, 11 February 2016)

Scottish Social Attitudes Survey 2015: Attitudes towards language learning in schools in Scotland (Scottish Government, 2015)

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