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University of West of Scotland supports 1+2

Author: Fernando León Solís, University of West of Scotland

The languages team of the University of the West of Scotland (UWS) has established a successful collaboration with Renfrewshire Council for the delivery of a 1+2 language training programme for primary school teachers. For the first year of this initiative, teachers attend three 90-minute language classes over three consecutive weeks, offered by UWS at the beginning of the first academic term; these are followed by 12 weekly sessions, provided by the council’s own trainers, and focused on classroom activities and pedagogy; finally, there are three further language sessions with the UWS team. Our delivery is interactive, with extensive use of the target language and a wide range of exercises that cover all skills.

The purpose of this fruitful partnership is not only to equip teachers with language abilities, but also to prepare them for the use of the target language in the classroom. The current language provision of Spanish, French and German is now being extended to Arabic, Gaelic, and Chinese. The languages team plans to expand the collaboration to other authorities in the surrounding areas, diversifying our approach and reaching agreements with these authorities to facilitate teachers’ study of a language in the evenings and during the summer – including bespoke courses and special fee arrangements.

UWS research project on 1+2

UWS are seeking to make contact with primaries who would want to take part into their 1+2 team research project.

They are investigating primary school practitioners' perception of issues associated with the implementation of the 1+2 approach in terms of management (recommendations and related issues), staff engagement, pedagogy and methodologies. Other possible aspects to be considered could be the perceived impact on pupils' engagement and attainment. 

For further information please contact Laurence Giraud-Johnstone.

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