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Updates from LFEE Europe

Author: Richard Tallaron, LFEE Europe

Our team of teachers has been busy travelling around the country to support schools with the learning and teaching of various languages as L2 or L3 in primary and secondary schools.

PLL training news

After the Easter break, we will be training new cohorts of primary teachers in French, Spanish and German. Please note our Primary Language Learning (PLL) training programmes now incorporate the use of the PowerLanguage Platform, which is a commercial product.

Immersion courses 2016-2017

A big thank you for the tremendous response from all over the country! Many teachers and local authorities have managed to apply in time to get funding from British Council to attend our immersion courses in France or Spain. Results should be published in early May. Meanwhile, 70 teachers from Scotland are going to Lyon or Malaga during the Easter holidays. Merci beaucoup / muchas gracias for your support!!

Training for secondary colleagues

During the spring term, we will be offering three bespoke workshops for secondary school teachers on the themes of: Effective use of ICT; Implementing an immersion approach; The use of Twitter in the languages class. Please note there is a cost for each of these workshops.

Key Action 2 – professional competences

LFEE Europe is representing Scotland in a three year Erasmus+ Key Action 2 project with Spain, Portugal, Austria and Lithuania. We are working with our partners to develop a European framework of professional competences for teachers. We will be looking for partner schools and local authorities in Scotland at the start of the new session.

Brand new blog!

Chiara Mazzeo, our fantastic Italian trainee, has worked her magic to create a blog that encompasses all the activities of LFEE Europe. It will be launched in March and will include videos of some of our training sessions, feedback from teachers, articles and links, as well as, we hope, plenty of your ideas and comments to share with colleagues! You can check our website for a direct link to the blog.

Train the Trainer 2016

A bit like the Beaujolais, le TTT nouveau est arrivé! LFEE Europe, in partnership with SCILT and Education Scotland, will be involved in delivering the Train the Trainer programme during the last week of June 2016.

Online course

Our online French course has just been launched. It has been created specifically for primary teachers who are already teaching French in their class or need support before they start introducing the language. It is aimed at non-specialist teachers who have limited knowledge of French or who might lack confidence in the French that they know. Spanish will follow after the summer! Please visit the PowerLanguage Platform for more information. Please note subscription to this course is £79.

For more information on all aspects of our work, please visit LFEE Europe website or email us.

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