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Education Scotland update

Author: Louise Glen, Education Scotland

The value of languages

Representatives of the four UK governments met in Cambridge in October 2015 to share school-based language policy information. A workshop and discussions looked at where responsibility for language sits within government with the aim of encouraging dialogue between different government departments and with researchers in order to promote the value of languages nationally.

Louise Glen of Education Scotland delivered a presentation on the 1+2 Approach in Scotland and on the newly-launched Scots Language Policy.

Information shared on the day can be accessed through the report, “The value of languages” (University of Cambridge, 2016).

Scottish Education Awards

The awards ceremony for the 2016 Scottish Education Awards took place in the Thistle Hotel, Glasgow, where the winners of the 17 award categories were announced. The Cabinet Secretary attended the ceremony, gave an opening speech and presented awards. Pleasingly, a large number of primary schools were nominated this year for the award in “Making languages come alive”. Nominations were narrowed down to three finalists and the winning school is St Michael’s Primary in Dumfries and Galloway. Many congratulations to them, and a huge thanks to all who entered the competition, including the two other finalists: St Blane’s Primary in South Lanarkshire and Dalmilling Primary in South Ayrshire.

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