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Dundee City Council

Author: Virginie Bradbury, Dundee City Council and Pan Tayside 1+2 team

In Dundee City, we are in the process of revising our local training events to cater for our teachers’ needs and to give them the best tools possible to implement the 1+2 Approach in their classrooms. This June, primary staff will receive training about eTwinning from the British Council and we are pleased that sixteen classes have now agreed to establish links with classes from Orléans, France. We also plan that, in September, our primary staff will be given a further opportunity to take part in SCILT’s professional learning workshop, “First steps to teaching languages in the primary classroom”.

We are delighted to welcome Modern Language Assistants to Dundee next session to support our schools. We believe that our pupils, as well as our staff, will benefit from having native speakers in their school. This will not only develop our children’s European awareness but also increase confidence in the knowledge of the language for both pupils and staff.

Volunteers from the community have been identified to offer French storytelling to children aged five to nine years in local libraries, and after the summer holidays they will receive training from the French Institute.

Dundee Contemporary Art (DCA) has approached the Pan Tayside Team to select short movies to feature in the next Discovery Film Festival. These movies will support the 1+2 Approach with post-screening activities and downloadable resource packs, reinforcing the learning and teaching of languages in the classroom.

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