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Celebrating LWS in the wider community

Languages Week Scotland 2022 want as many children, families and communities as possible to engage with the week. It is inviting community-based groups, arts and sports organisations, social enterprises, businesses and educational establishments – large and small – to share the work they do in and with languages other than English.

SCILT has put together some ideas to support you in celebrating Languages Week Scotland in your organisation or community.

Don't forget to let us know how you celebrate Languages Week Scotland 2022. Use the hashtag #ScotlandLovesLanguages on Twitter.

Challenge and celebrate languages and creativity with our series of daily challenges, running throughout Languages Week Scotland. Work with your colleagues, your friends or community and join in!

Languages Week Scotland 2022

Find out how our partners across the country plan to Languages Week Scotland 2022, and how you can join in!

To celebrate Languages Week Scotland, Lingobox French Friday lesson on the numbers 1 to 31 will be live on Friday 4 February via the link below. Join in live or watch later. We are sure your learners will enjoy the live lesson with song and dance!

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La Jolie Ronde Languages For Children is a leading early language learning organisation offering a proven method of teaching young children French and Spanish. La Jolie Ronde’s award-winning programmes are unique, modern and of the highest quality. FREE TRIALS on their teaching resources are available as follows:

1. P1-P3 - Little Languages Resource - FREE TRIAL AVAILABLE

Little Languages is a unique resource for introducing languages to P1-P3. It provides the perfect solution for introducing some of the different languages and cultures from around the world. To support the non-specialist and as a guide to aid the expert language teacher, Little Languages enables you to start teaching straightaway!

Activities demonstrated in French and Spanish:

  • Additional vocabulary & songs in Italian, Chinese, Hindi and African Shona
  • Includes fun, play-based activities including IWB material
  • Real life DVD clips featuring children from around the world

Product contains detailed lesson plans in a sturdy ring binder & software featuring:

  • Lesson plans
  • Resources
  • IWB activities and games
  • Colourful classroom wall frieze (5 x 2m lengths)
  • DVD clips

Also includes French and Spanish traditional and original songs plus songs from other languages

For your FREE RESOURCE OR CLASS TRIALS simply email your request to La Jolie Ronde quoting SCILT.

2. P4-P7 - French and Spanish Resource - FREE TRIAL AVAILABLE

La Jolie Ronde’s award winning resource contains everything you need to help plan and implement your policy for teaching a language in one go. The resource is a flexible four-year programme providing support to teachers with no previous experience of teaching languages and a guide for the more experienced, who can modify to suit. One of the biggest benefits of the resource is that everything is already pre-prepared and planned, so you can literally start teaching straightaway!

  • Perfect for the non-specialist or an aid for the more experienced languages teacher
  • Split into two schemes – for years P4-P5 and P6-P7
  • Plenty of material to fill two years and four years
  • Pre-prepared lessons, divided into short sessions for flexibility
  • Comprehensive and detailed lesson notes

For your FREE RESOURCE OR CLASS TRIALS simply email your request to La Jolie Ronde quoting SCILT.

3. FREE French or Spanish Class

Years of development, dedication and experience in the sector of early language learning, La Jolie Ronde has become one of the market leaders, committed to offering the best possible start to young learners. Through their highly professional network of tutors, including their team in Scotland, French & Spanish classes are delivered face-to-face and online. Claim your FREE Taster Class* by locating your nearest Scottish Tutor through La Jolie Ronde website
*Applicable to new pupils

31 Jan - 3 Feb 2022

South West Educational Improvement Collaborative (SWEIC) is delighted to be delivering a series of bitesize learning opportunities during Languages Week Scotland. Visit the dedicated blog page to find out more and to access resources.

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The latest challenge from GLEANS is just in time for Languages Week Scotland on the 31st January, and it's all about feelings. Find out how to talk about your feelings in Gaelic, and record a conversation. There's more information on the GLEANS challenges website or why not follow the @GleansAlba Twitter account.

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2 February 2022 16:15

A Creative Conversation about bilingualism and how it’s about a lot more than learning to speak differently. This is for anyone interested in the brain and its development, who wants to think about what a curriculum in our schools should include and how best we fully educate young people - it is not just 1+2 you know!

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25 January 2022 16:30-17:30

This session explores how to use the Into Film iPad app Storymaker: The Gruffalo Edition in the classroom with Scots Language.

The Into Film Storymaker is an educational app that allows you to add voice, music and sound effects over carefully selected film clips. In The Gruffalo Edition, pupils (recommended ages 5 to 8) have the opportunity to apply their imagination and literacy skills to the much-loved animated story The Gruffalo alongside the translated book, The Gruffalo in Scots. This session will enable you to support the development of literacy, language and storytelling skills as well as opportunities to learn about the magic of film and filmmaking with your learners. You will require an Into Film account to book this session and to download the app for free on an iPad.

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Tuesday 18 January 2022

Screen Scotland hosts a monthly series of exiting Film Education CLPL sessions. This month, the session coincides with Languages Week Scotland.

When we watch films in languages other than our native tongue, not only are exposed to incredible cinema, we also learn more about other cultures and celebrate other languages. As Languages Week Scotland 2022 approaches (31 Jan – 4 Feb 2022) we at Screen Scotland wanted to take the opportunity to explore the ways in which film viewing, film analysis and filmmaking can enhance the teaching of Modern Languages in both the Primary and Secondary classroom.

In this month’s Tuesday Team Talk, four speakers will share their experiences in combining Film Education with Modern Languages.

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