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Daily Challenges

Challenge and celebrate languages and creativity with our series of daily challenges, running throughout Languages Week Scotland. Work with your class, your teacher, your family or your friends and join in! Follow @LangsWeekScot to receive the challenge each day.

Monday: The multicultural society

Let’s start the week by celebrating Scotland’s cultural and linguistic diversity! 

Take a photo showing languages other than English in your local area – this could be a shop sign, a bilingual street or place name, an advertisement on a billboard, a poster for an event or something else.  

Share what you see on X (formerly Twitter) using @LangsWeekScot and #ScotlandLovesLanguages. 

We are looking forward to seeing the wide variety of languages you find in your local area! 

Tuesday: Global citizenship  

Pick an item you take with you to school that was not produced in the UK. This could be a foodstuff, an item of clothing, a technological device, something in your schoolbag etc. Find out about the country where this product was produced.  

You might want to find out:  

  • Which language(s) do people speak there?  
  • What kind of landscape and climate does the country have?  
  • What kinds of food do people who live there eat?  
  • What kinds of celebrations do they observe?  
  • One fun fact about this country.  

Share what you learn as a class. Add what you found as notes or a picture to a world map, take a photo and post it on X (formerly Twitter) using @LangsWeekScot and #ScotlandLovesLanguages.   

Wednesday: Skills for life and work in a global context  

Knowing and using more than one language equips us with skills to thrive in a global context, including problem solving, negotiation and communication. 

All industries have the potential to be greener. Working towards net zero, Scottish Government has prioritised 6 industries: 

  • Construction and built environment 
  • Transport 
  • Nature 
  • Energy 
  • Engineering 
  • Life and chemical sciences 

You can find out more about these industries on the My World of Work Green Jobs Workforce Academy website

Create a multilingual infographic with images, labels and short paragraphs about one of these industries.   

Post your work on X (formerly Twitter) using @LangsWeekScot and #ScotlandLovesLanguages.

Thursday: Contributing to the development of a better world  

Bringing Learning for Sustainability into the languages classroom allows us to engage young people in language learning while equipping them to contribute to the development of a better world.  

Watch this clip from The Planet Voice that focuses on sustainability and fashion/

Create a slogan for a t-shirt in a language of your choice that sends a message about the impact that fast fashion is having on the environment.  

Share your work on X (formerly Twitter) using @LangsWeekScot and #ScotlandLovesLanguages.   


Friday: Global influence and engagement  

Every day, pupils in languages classes are being made aware in a very real way of their interconnectedness with the wider world, both socially and environmentally. 

Watch this BBC Ideas video from the OU Playlist: Can saving languages save nature? 

What do you think? Can saving languages save nature?   

Make, create, write, build, film or photograph your response to that question. Incorporate all your languages.  

Share your work on X (formerly Twitter) using @LangsWeekScot and #ScotlandLovesLanguages.   

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