Welcome to Languages Week Scotland

Daily Challenges

Challenge and celebrate languages and creativity with our series of daily challenges, running throughout Languages Week Scotland. Work with your class, your teacher, your family or your friends and join in!

Friday – Multilingual communities

It’s Friday and the final day of Languages Week Scotland 2020, so let’s celebrate the languages of our communities!

Sports teams, music groups, art clubs, neighbours, school, friends, family -  we are all members of different communities. What languages are used in these places?

Share a photo or a video and tell us more on Twitter @LangsWeekScot.

#ScotlandLovesLanguages #MultilingualCommunities

Thursday: Studying languages beyond school

Is there a language you have always wanted to learn? Now is your chance! Today we challenge you to spend an hour learning a new language.

In what ways can you learn a language away from a formal learning setting?  You might want to watch a film or TV series in your target language, read a book or magazine online, use a a language learning app such as duolingo or memrise or you could ask a friend to teach you some words and phrases.

However you go about it, we would love to see how you get on. Share what you learn and how you went about it on Twitter @LangsWeekScot.

Can you keep up this hour-a-day habit for a week? A month? What progress do you make?

Why not take your language learning further by attending a conversation meet-up or join a language society at your college or university. 


Wednesday: Languages spoken at home

Our multilingual challenges continue! Today we are inviting you to share a song or rhyme in the language/s you speak with your family.

You could write out the words and illustrate it, or record yourself reading it. Please tell us why you chose this song or rhyme - what does it mean to you or to your family? 

We would love to see your work so please share it with us on Twitter @LangsWeekScot.


Tuesday: Languages for employment

Where can languages take you?

Language skills are vital in so many careers, not just teaching and translating! The departure board shows some of these careers.

There are lots more. How many can you think of? Why not brainstorm with your class, your friends or your family. Share your ideas with us on Twitter @LangsWeekScot.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.


Monday: Languages in school

Can you find a different person in your school for each of the activities on the Find Someone Who... worksheet?

Download the worksheet and work as a class or with some friends. Ask for evidence and write it down on the worksheet. Ask your teacher to post a picture of your completed worksheet on Twitter and tag us with @LangsWeekScot.

We are looking forward to seeing how you all get on.


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