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New web series travels across the country to assess influence of Ulster-Scots on our language

27 June 2022 (Belfast Telegraph)

A new online series is exploring Ulster-Scots words and phrases and their influence on modern-day language.

In A Word In Yer Lug, broadcaster Jane Veitch and native Ulster-Scots speaker Liam Logan travelled throughout Northern Ireland to discuss the words used in our everyday vocabulary (and some that aren’t... yet).

“Most people use Ulster-Scots words every day, but they don’t necessarily recognise or understand them,” said Liam.

“Did you ever ‘footer’ with anything? That’s Ulster-Scots, but it’s got its roots in medieval French. The Scots had a great connection with the French back in the medieval times.

“All the Scottish people used to go to France for education, and all the rest of it. They brought that back from France and then they sent it over to us here in Ulster.”

With 20 short episodes, the web series is the ideal introduction to Ulster-Scots, showing the richness of the language.


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