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Article Details

Investigating the Views of Children with Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties about their Experience of Learning French

Author: Claire van Wengen
Date of Publication: June 2013

This article reports on a research project carried out at a small residential school for children (Primary 4-Secondary 2) with severe social, emotional and behavioural difficulties in Scotland. Research was undertaken in order to investigate the children’s feelings about learning French. Semi-structured interviews and other qualitative methods were used. Just over 55% of the total pupil cohort (36) participated. The findings suggest that children with severe social, emotional and behavioural difficulties can benefit from language learning in various ways, including raised self-esteem. A number of recommendations are put forward for consideration.

Keywords: inclusion, modern language learning, primary school, pupil perspectives

University of Strathclyde Education Scotland British Council Scotland The Scottish Government
SCILT - Scotlands National centre for Languages