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Article Details

Inter-Cultural Meetings – how intercultural learning supports the communicative competencies of language learners

Author: Petra McLay
Date of Publication: September 2012
Series Title: Scottish Languages Review
Notes: Issue 25

This article reports on findings from a study carried out in 2012 in a large comprehensive secondary school in Scotland. 54 pupils took part in the event. 30 Scottish learners and 24 pupils from Germany were involved in a project within the framework of a case study. In two meetings the teenagers (aged 14-16) worked collaboratively on a bilingual task that helped learners improve linguistically and develop personally. The activity allowed pupils to discuss similarities and differences of Scottish and German popular cultures and to show curiosity, interest and enthusiasm to learn more about the youth culture in Scotland and Germany while improving their communicative competences in writing and orally.

Keywords: Intercultural learning; communicative competence

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