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13 January 2017 (SCILT)

Visitors to Education Scotland’s websites will have noticed that significant changes have been made, and here at SCILT we have received a number of enquiries from teachers looking for Education Scotland content. We have pulled together the information below, based on what we know at the moment, and hope it will help practitioners to find what they are looking for.

Previous content has been significantly streamlined onto four sites:

The updated services were launched in December 2016 and Education Scotland Digital Services team is working throughout January to ensure the services are fully functional. If you can’t find the resource you are looking for, please do check back on Education Scotland sites throughout January 2017. In the meantime, please bear with us here at SCILT while we ensure all links from our website to Education Scotland are live.

Some content will not move onto the new websites. Education Scotland has explained that all the content on the old sites was reviewed and updated by education specialists “who have considered the type and quantity of information required to support and challenge practitioners to achieve educational improvement”. Find out more about the changes and some guidance on how to find content from the Education Scotland Corporate website.

SCILT now hosts Passeport pour la francophonie on our website. This resource has been migrated directly from Education Scotland. Links and content will not be updated.

SCILT will be hosting the former Maximising Potential resource on our website. The resource is currently being reviewed and updated by the ‘Languages for all’ short-life working group. Once the resource has been reviewed (and renamed!), we will promote it via our weekly news bulletin.

Education Scotland has assured us that core resources from A 1+2 approach to modern languages will be uploaded onto the National Improvement Hub. Not all of them are available yet, but it is worth checking the site periodically for updates.

We have learnt that the Giant Pandas site is no longer available. In time, some of the content will appear on the Beyond the Panda website developed by the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland.

Core content for NQ Modern Languages has been migrated to the National Qualifications site and is live. Visit these pages and select the language you are looking for.

Core Modern Languages content is available through Education Scotland’s Corporate site, including Modern Languages Es&Os and Principles and Practice papers. Visit the site and search for “modern languages”. There has been a significant reduction in content compared with the previous Modern Languages pages on the Education Scotland site, but some content can be found on the National Improvement Hub so it is worth checking there too.

Modern Languages NAR content is still available. In time, this will be superseded by the Languages Benchmarks, which are due for publication soon on the National Improvement Hub.

Education Scotland Case studies around 1+2 implementation will be available in time on the National Improvement Hub. In the meantime, don’t forget SCILT has a range of Case Studies available, by stage, on the 1+2 section of our website.

Education Scotland YouTube channel remains unchanged, and you can access all the videos that have previously been uploaded here. These include 1+2 languages: Progress from first to second level.

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