A 1+2 Approach

The Scottish Government’s policy aims to ensure that every child has the opportunity to learn an additional language from primary one, and a further additional language by primary five.

Primary to secondary

The Working Group recommends that language learning be recognised as an entitlement for all young people through to the end of their broad general education.

- Language Learning in Scotland: A 1+2 Approach

Case studies


Douglas Academy
(2019 update)
Creative thinking has ensured that the allocated three periods a week for L2 are unaffected by the introduction of L3. L3 is studied on a continuum from P5 into BGE.

James Young High
This case study focuses on a partnership approach between the secondary and associate primaries.

St Thomas Aquinas Secondary
Focuses on language uptake from the broad general education into the senior phase through a journey of self-evaluation.

Keith Grammar
Looks at how teachers across sectors have worked collaboratively to ensure that learners are afforded their full entitlement to two languages.

Calderglen High
Find out how Calderglen sustains deep and progressive language learning in two languages from primary to BGE.

Renfrew High
Find out how Renfrew High and its associated primaries are taking a cluster approach to delivering Spanish as an L3.

Curricular Maps

These Curricular Maps provide a snapshot to aid curricular planning for Modern Languages in the secondary (June 2017).

Broughton High School

Calderglen High School

Douglas Academy

Harris Academy

James Young High School

Keith Grammar School

St Columba's High School 

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