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Languages and the First World War

Venue: University of Antwerp and British Library
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Event Date: 18/06/2014 - 20/06/2014

Languages and the First World War is a ground-breaking conference at the University of Antwerp and the British Library, 18 & 20 June 2014.

In this centenary year the study of change within languages and how languages influenced each other is a subject that provides scope for discussing commonality of experience as well as the effects of the conflict on individual languages. Trench slang, censorship, interpreting, the role of the press, the role of swearing to both include and exclude, and the silence after the war; the study of the war through language is an innovative approach, and one which will give rise to new ways of looking at the conflict.

Specific paper subjects booked include the censorship of letters home in Indian languages and Welsh, the collecting of language change in wartime, the use of a trench dictionary for recruiting, the use of German in occupied France, tri-lingual reportage in Malta, propaganda in an Italian trench journal, and linguistic commonality across no man's land.

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