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e-Learning Symposium 2015

Venue: University of Southampton
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Event Date: 22/01/2015 - 23/01/2015

In January 2015, we are celebrating our 10th elearning symposium and we have a fantastic event lined up for you - so please join us! 

Keynote Speakers in 2015 are :

Sara Pierson, Head of English for Education Systems and Chris Cavey, Product Development Consultant, English & Exams, British Council  - "Strategy and impact: lessons the British Council is learning from running MOOCs"
Marion Sadoux, Director of the Language Centre, University of Nottingham Ningbo
Benoit Guilbaud, University of Manchester

We will also have papers presented by colleagues from all over the world on topics including:
- Mobile language learning using WhatsApp
- Digital tools for cultural engagement during the Year Abroad
- Motivation in MOOCs
- Using wikis for real-life translation projects and for language learning
- Screencasting for pronunciation and assessment
- Twitter for Italian
- Computer-based assessment for languages
- Digitising the EAP classroom
- E-portfolios
- Literature and language learning
- Tutoring different numbers and different levels on MOOCs
- Online interpreting
- Open educational practice
- Blended tandem learning
- Listening skills at distance

and workshops on :
- Digital video-making
- Telecollaboration techniques
- Tips for effective online discussions
- SpeakApps tools for online speaking practice

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