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Crossing Boundaries: Language Learning and Teaching Inside and Outside the Classroom

Venue: University of Lancaster
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Event Date: 30/06/2016 - 01/07/2016

Annual conference of the BAAL Language Learning and Teaching SIG.

Traditionally, language teaching and learning has been compartmentalised in many ways in our research, teaching methodology, materials, and perceptions. Boundaries and borders are now disappearing and language learning and teaching takes place in contexts where there are increasingly fewer walls. We can no longer clearly differentiate modern foreign language from second language teaching and learning, private and public sectors, teacher and students roles, classroom and outside classroom engagement. 

This conference will encourage participants to explore the challenges and possibilities afforded by the varied settings, modes, teaching methods, roles and means of communication in current day language teaching with the merging of learning environments. 

  • What are the differing contributions of blended learning, computer mediated communication and face to face modes to language learning? 
  • What can we learn from the synergy of  language learning and teaching in different settings, different linguistic contexts and at different ages? 
  • How can the effective use of home languages and translanguaging contribute to language teaching and learning? 
  • In what ways can different research perspectives and innovative methodologies provide complementary views of learning and teaching processes? 
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