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Why teaching in English may not be such a good idea

22 November 2017 (THE)

Research suggests that students learn better in their native tongue, and English fails to prepare international students for a job after graduation.


Six Western Isles primary schools given Gaelic status

6 February 2015 (BBC)

Six primaries where lessons are mainly taught in English will switch to learning in Gaelic later this year.

Bernera, Breasclete, Castlebay, Iochdar, Leverhulme Memorial and Sgoil an Taobh Siar on the Western Isles have been given Gaelic Schools Status.

Learning and Scotland's Languages Minister Dr Alasdair Allan made the announcement during a visit to Breasclete School.

In 1986 it was the first school on the islands to offer pupils Gaelic.

Dr Allan said: "The Scottish government has been happy to provide the capital support to the project and hopes that other schools will see the benefit from the status that Gaelic can bring.

"This is a milestone in the delivery of Gaelic primary education in Scotland, which has an important role in developing future generations of speakers."


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