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Teachers Learning to Teach Languages: OU-SCILT Programme

21 April 2020 (Open University/SCILT)

Registration for the next cohort of the ‘Teachers Learning to Teach Languages’ programme is open until 4 September 2020.

This innovative, distance learning professional learning programme is offered by the Open University in partnership with SCILT. The new cohort begins in September and lasts 9 months. TELT is open to all primary teachers, and secondary teachers with a secondment in primary, across Scotland. Typically, Scottish local authorities sponser their teachers, however a small number of previous participants have financed themselves. Find more information about funding on the 'How to register for TELT' webpage.

The aim of the programme is to increase and improve language provision in primary schools. Teachers simultaneously learn a new language and the skills to teach that language in the classroom. The languages strand is offered in four languages – French, German, Mandarin and Spanish – and at two levels – beginners and post-beginners. The pedagogy strand covers a diverse range of pedagogical approaches i.e. embedding an additional language, exploring target language cultures, play and games, interdisciplinary contexts.

What’s the course really like though? Listen to what Mel and Gwen, two previous participants have to say.

Visit the Open University website for more information about the programme and how to register for the TELT cohort of 2020-21.


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