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1+2 Polish: Wojtek the Bear

This package tells the story of Wojtek the Bear, based on the children’s book by Scottish author, Jenny Robertson. It provides an opportunity to explore WW2 with a focus on Scottish and Polish shared history. The aims of the package are to:

  • introduce Polish language as an L3 learning experience
  • support intercultural integration
  • highlight, celebrate and encourage the use of home language(s) in school
  • explore Polish culture and the history of the Poles in Scotland

Szeregowiec Wojtek - Chapter 7 Translation by Anna Bielawska (PDF)

Planners, IDL resources and assessment

Holistic assessment Wojtek (Word doc)

International Childrens Day (PP)

Introduction to war jigsaw reading task (Word doc)

Pictures of Wojtek (PP)

Polish man living in Scotland Survivor of War (Word doc)

Polish morning (Word doc)

Primary and secondary sources of evidence (PP)

Wojtek the Bear Plan (Word doc)

Polish morning

How to structure the event (Word doc)

Labels for each folder (Word doc)

Team 1

Greetings (PP)

Numbers (jpeg)

Polish flag colouring sheets (jpeg)

Polish flag colouring-in (jpeg)

Polish flag (jpeg)

Polish flag (png)

Team 2

Map (png)

Polish Consulate in Edinburgh logo (jpg)

Team 3

Bear Necessities workshop (PP)

Team 4

Heads and shoulders (png)

Heads and shoulders (PP)

Saying your name (PP)

Team 5

Poland during the war (PP)

Team 6

Book cover (png)

Jenny Roberston (jpg)

Team 7

Book cover (png)

Jenny Roberston (jpg)

Team 8

How to draw a bear 1 (Word)

How to draw a bear 2 (jpg)

How to draw a bear 3 (jpg)

How to draw a bear 4 (jpeg)

How to draw a polar bear (jpeg)

How to draw a teddy bear (jpeg)

Colour in Wojtek (jpeg)

Reading and writing

Big talk homework 1 (Word doc)

Big Talk Homework 2 (Word doc)

Dictionary Words 1 (Word doc)

Dictionary Words 2 (Word doc)

Dictionary Words 3 (Word doc)

Inverted triangle newspaper planning (Word doc)

News article 1 (Word doc)

News article 2 (Word doc)

News article 3 (Word doc)

News article 4 (Word doc)

Proof reading activity (Word doc)

Sample news article Piotr sent to Russia (Word doc)

Writing a news article planning (Word doc)

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